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About Attorney Robin S. Fleischer

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Attorney Fleischer is a respected family law attorney who is known for her integrity, honesty and creativity in finding solutions to some of the most emotional and tough legal issues.

She has dedicated her career to helping people going through the emotional roller coaster of divorce and other family law problems.

She understands that people experiencing a divorce, child custody or other family legal matter need an advocate who is compassionate, understanding and responsive to their needs. When relationships fail, the effects cascade into all areas of a persons’ life.

Attorney Fleischer earned a BA in Education from Framingham State University in 1981. She graduated the Massachusetts School of Law in 2012 and was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar the same year. She has worked in the legal industry for over twenty years, first as a paralegal in her father’s law practice and now as a solo practitioner in her own law firm.

Her clients describe her as “feisty” and “unrelenting” when advocating for their interests. She strives to protect her clients’ rights by zealously providing personal yet purposeful representation to obtain for her clients the most equitable divorce settlements they deserve.

Her best advice to anyone is, “if you think you have a legal issue, you probably do and it is easier and less costly to stay out of trouble then get out of trouble.” Not all legal issues require expensive lawsuits. But all legal problems do need to be handled directly. The thirty minutes you spend consulting with an attorney before the problem escalates could save you countless hours of worry and thousands of dollars in fines and future legal fees.

Attorney Fleischer credits her warm and caring style to her father, Attorney Joseph Wishnow, who was an old-school attorney who ran a respected general counsel practice. He believed in and passed on to Attorney Fleischer, the importance of listening to the clients’ needs. Attorney Wishnow and Attorney Fleischer were passionate advocates for the taxicab industry and the many families who made their living in the livery trade. After being admitted to the Bar, Attorney Fleischer wrote a regular legal issue column in the “ Carriage News”, an essential source of information for the taxicab owners and drivers in Massachusetts.

Attorney Fleischer is on the Board of Directors of the North Shore Women Lawyer’s Association and is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association. She believes in giving back to her community and has served repeatedly as “lawyer of the Day” at the Essex Housing Court and as a volunteer at the annual Massachusetts School of Law, Animal Day.

We protect your rights with personalized and compassionate representation designed to achieve the best legal solutions for your case.