Who Should Be on My Divorce Team?

August 28, 2018

Divorce is one of the most emotional events in a person’s life.  You are asked to make legal decisions that affect your future while you are coping with anger, the anger of the other person, raising your children and working.  It can be overwhelming.   But if you are focused, have a plan and knowledge beforehand, you will be better prepared to take control of your divorce and arrive at a settlement on your terms.


Curating Your Personal Divorce Team

How do you prepare and protect yourself, your finances and your children if you find yourself in a divorce?  By building a team of professionals to assist you in the decision making process.


A well-rounded team can consist of a lawyer, divorce financial analyst, CPA, realtor, mortgage broker and emotional support.  In this week’s blog I am focusing on your lawyer, financial analyst and emotional support.  My next blog will discuss the roles of other important team players.


Your Lawyer


The law is constantly changing, and no more so than in family law.  Hire an attorney to help you navigate the legal process and take some of the stress away that comes from trying to figure it out on your own.


If your spouse has already hired an attorney, you will be at risk of being taken advantage of and not getting the settlement you deserve.  It is important that you hire a lawyer that is going to be the right fit.


You are going to be working with her closely for a long time.   Divorce and family issues have multiple court appearances.  You need to feel comfortable with your attorney’s style. Don’t choose on price alone. Book a consultation with the attorney to make sure their style and practice fit your needs.


Financial Analyst

It is important that your decisions are made on sound fiscal information, not emotion. You may want to stay in the marital home because you are attached to it with memories of raising your children and better times.  But, can you afford to stay in the home?  Will you be able to assume the mortgage, take care of the maintenance and still save for your future?


Before a settlement is signed, it is important you have reviewed each term for its financial effect on your future so you are sure you will be able to continue to live at least the same lifestyle you had when you were married.  A Divorce Financial Analyst can assist you and your attorney with drafting the best possible settlement to secure your financial future.


Emotional Support


The best way to keep legal costs from spiraling out of control, and to protect your assets throughout the divorce process, is to manage your emotions. No matter where you are emotionally, divorce is not a time to go it alone.


The separation agreement is the instruction manual to your divorce.  It is not wise to let emotion rather than logic determine the terms and conditions that will dictate how you divide assets, raise your children and calculate support.  Emotional support can be found through friends and family, support groups, life, and divorce coaches and licensed mental health professionals.


At Fleischer Law Solutions, we have a network of divorce professionals that we work with that allow us to prepare and protect our clients throughout the entire divorce process.


Call Fleischer Law Solutions today and book a consultation to discuss how we can help you obtain the best solution to your legal problem.